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Do you want to be faster, improve your endurance, keep an eye on your stats, or simply enjoy a nice bike tour? The free SIGMA RIDE app is an important addition to the SIGMA GPS bike computer and helps you pursue your personal goals. Track your speed, measure the distance you have travelled, display your current and upcoming altitudes, count the calories you burn, and reach and surpass your training goals. The RIDE app lets you keep an eye on all of your activity and motivates you to pursue a fitter, healthier lifestyle. Share your experiences and successes with friends and family using social networks.


Do you want to know how fast you’re going or how many kilometres you’ve travelled while you’re still on your tour? Then take a short brake to check out your ride data. Your SIGMA bike computer records your activities – you can see them right away on on the Live Screen. Your distance travelled, training time elapsed, and altitude uphill are also displayed, including a graphical altitude profile.

Your choice

Do you want to use your SIGMA GPS bike computer to keep an eye on your average speed while you’re on a tour? Or would you prefer to see the distance? No problem. You can change the data fields extremely easily while you’re riding or use one of the pre-programmed views. Depending on which SIGMA bike computer you’re using, you receive various layout recommendations, and data fields can be highlighted in various colours. The SIGMA RIDE app status display provides reliable information about values such as the current bike computer battery charge and how much storage space is still available for tracks and ride data.


The SIGMA RIDE app enables you to store all of your activities. The list view displays all tours with maps, route, date, distance, ride time, and ascent/descent in an easy-to-read format. You can always find the most recent activity at the top of the timeline. Tap an activity to receive detailed information. If the bike computer supports the function, the list can be filtered according to the different sports profiles. You can use the SIGMA PERFORMANCE INDEX (SPI) to visualise your training intensity. This value is calculated based on your ride data, such as distance, speed, and altitude.


Look at the precise details of any tour in the activity screen. In addition to graphic profiles for each value (such as speed or heart rate), a heat map with various colours shows your performance along the route. This visualization helps you to record your data quickly and makes it especially easy to detect outlying values. Add to your activities metainformation such as weather, temperature, and perception during the tour.

E-bike connectivity

You ride an e-bike? The SIGMA RIDE app is, of course, e-bike-ready. Graphic profiles and heat maps use a variety of colours to visualise how much of the route was ridden with what support level, the battery status over the course of the route, and much more.

Find your favourite bike route

SIGMA RIDE displays the best tracks. Sending them to your bike computer is no problem, and then you can ride them next time you’re out. The turn-off instructions on you bike computer’s display make this very easy. The RIDE app can import tracks flexibly from other portals as .GPX files. SIGMA tracks, such as those created in the SIGMA DATA CENTER, can be synchronised in the SIGMA RIDE app via the SIGMA CLOUD. You can make tracks from third-party providers such as komoot favourites in the relevant app.

Perfect track overview

The list view shows you all tracks. You can identify tour name, date, distance, and altitude uphill directly. You can always find the most recent tour at the top of the timeline. Tours can be sorted according to parameters such as time and distance. You also see what source the track is from and can filter the display according to the various providers.

You can also use the detailed view to display your track visually on the map and add metainformation, such as what sport profiles the track is intended for, to it. You can rate the track (stars) and add personal notes.


The SIGMA RIDE app makes it very easy to share your tour data to your favourite social media platforms and sport communities such as komoot, Strava, TrainingPeaks, Facebook, and Twitter. Of course, you can also use messenger services such as WhatsApp to share your experiences and successes.


General and customised adjustments to SIGMA bike computer settings such as language and display brightness can be made quickly and conveniently with the app. You can also store user data such as age and gender.


In the Settings area, you can read your total values, such as total kilometers or miles, altitude ascent, number of calories burned, and total ride time for each sport profile.


Firmware updates for your SIGMA bike computer are extremely easy with the SIGMA RIDE app. It shows you whenever new firmware is available, and you can use the app to start the update process.


Download the SIGMA RIDE APP for Android and iOS here

Compatible devices

ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 4.0
ROX 2.0


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