Awards for SIGMA bike lights and computers

Awards for SIGMA bike lights and computers

Once again there is reason to celebrate! SIGMA has also landed on the podium several times in the german 2023 User Awards of the online portals eMTB-News, Rennrad-News, MTB-News and Nimms Rad!

MTB-News, eMTB-MTB-News, eMTB-News, Rennrad-News and Nimms Rad have jointly called for the big vote for the User Awards 2023. In total, more than 23,000 users voted for their favourite bike products and their favourites received awards in gold, silver and bronze. Of course, SIGMA’s bike computer and lighting were also among the nominees and we can be happy about a total of five awards!

MTB News User Award: Silber für Fahrradbeleuchtung


Around 11,000 MTB-News readers have voted in recent weeks for the best bike accessories, among other things. The silver medal in the lighting category went to SIGMA.


The Rennrad-News User Awards were presented for the second time. Around 4,000 readers voted in the past weeks – and SIGMA was rewarded with two awards: a silver award with 18.7 percent of the votes in the category Best Bike Lighting and a bronze award in the category GPS Computer.

nimms RAD User Award: Bronze für Fahrradbeleuchtung

New: Nimms Rad User Award

The Nimms Rad User Awards were presented for the first time this year – around 1,000 readers voted – and we are delighted to have received the bronze award in the “Lighting” category.

E-MTB User Award: Bronze für Beleuchtung


Last but not least, around 7,000 readers have voted in recent weeks. And SIGMA lighting is also one of the top products among e-mountain bikers and received the User Award 2022 in bronze.

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Awards for SIGMA bike lights and computers